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Brand Story:

Here, the company has started its business to deal with home legal issues. And at the outset, they invited our agency to build a brand logo for their newly started brand. After researching all their activities and their target audience and other issues thoroughly, I decided to work on this project. In dealing with the mentioned branding, we collect some important data and create a unique and meaningful residence paper logo brand.

By observing our output regarding their project, our client got full satisfaction. The most important aspect of our work is that we always strive to please our clients.

Concept Building:

In this residence paper logo design, artwork has been prepared to contain paper and home symbols, which we determine by considering all aspects of the Company’s activities and affiliates. By combining the two themes uniquely and creatively, we have created new artwork.


The above design focuses on two topics. One is paper and another is home. In order to complete the design here according to the client’s needs, we first researched the contents and gathered some basic information where specific elements have been put to show the actual subject matter. Here the company has informed their work order so we have tried to showcase their keynote in this design.

Earlier, the Company has informed us that they provide services regarding the legal issues of the home. Since the documents usually indicate the paper, I have given importance to the attachment of the paper in this design. And because of the housework, I used a homemade infrastructure. Here the general audience can easily understand the company’s business order by looking at the logo. By simply looking at the symbol (Logo), the Audience will easily understand that the company offers home-based paperwork services.

Color Selection:

In working with the content, we have used a variety of very striking colors as color is a very important thing in design and it describes the inner thought.

Generally, when it comes to select a meaningful color, we usually set the color according to the category of the Company. Moreover, we also look at the client’s choice. After considering all the facts, we select a perfect color.

We always try to make a creative design that bears a specific meaning. And at each step of the work, we do proper research and create a unique and creative design.

Project Director : Ruhul Amin Rubel

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