K bridge Logo Branding Design

K bridge Logo Branding Design

The Kbridge Branding

Logo and branding for a startup company. For making this logo use 2 shades of gradient color. Make the bridge with the letter k creatively. We hope the K bridge logo branding design promotes the company. We think every company needs to focus on its branding to influence its brand. We always work on evaluating the special aspects of each design. So that every aspect of the brand is presented. Since the design is from a startup company, it has been adapted to the design trend. Nowadays, there is a lot of popularity of gradient color. Letter K and bridges have also been tried to make the design meaningful in a very aesthetic way. k bridge logo branding will easily attract an audience.

K letter, Bridge

Logo on a mug

The company can use the logo in any media if they want, such as T-shirts, mugs, stationery, etc. We tried to show a pattern by displaying the logo on a mug here. Which is reflected beautifully. Its color is beautifully reflected in the white background. It can be used in any kind of background if desired. Sometimes it can be used in mono and reverse colors.

Logo on a mug, hand, man

Stationery Item (Envelope)

We have displayed it on top of the envelope so that we can get an idea of its actual condition after printing. It will also appear in print in a very eye-catching way. We have studied color and design to make each material look good. Which will bring more variety to its use.

Logo on envelope, Logo, envelope, stationery

All in all, we have presented the above banding appropriately. We always do extensive research on the value, vision and mission of the brand when designing. Which promotes the brand by presenting the brand appropriately. Hope everybody enjoys it.

Project Director : Ruhul Amin Rubel

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