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Brand Identity design is, at its basics, simply the brand identity in practice. Brand Identity is like the identity of a person. A person’s identity can be perceived at first glance through his outfits. On further acquaintance, We will explore his identity via his personality. So what could his character be comprised of that makes him unique and stand out as a good leader or merchandiser? 

First, the brand, whether it be a character or a company, needs to clarify its purpose and direction to the customers and general public. The brand identity design gives the brand its unique stance and finds itself the customer it requires. Furthermore, the brand has to show the people why it is different from the other brands marketing the same services. This demonstration requires thorough research on the market with fluent communication.

The Brand Mission must be divulged to the people to not come off as some money-hungry consumerist brand. The mission must be more extensive than its own gains. The typography with its imagery ought to highlight that specific mission. The color palette has to align with the purpose, giving an abstract concept a visual aspect. Humans are automatically attracted to visual elements. So a likable palette and an amiable personality seldom fail together.

We provide brand identity service for our clients including-

  • Logo Design
  • Business Card
  • Letterhead
  • Envelope and
  • Social Media Cover (Facebook and Twitter Cover)

Logo Design

Logo design

A great logo design can do wonders. It makes your service seem more credible and exciting. Logos also demonstrate an intriguing style. So hire us to get fascinating logo designs, and all of the options below will land you great deals! You can know more about the logo design here first.

Business Card

Business card

Business cards are the face of your industry when the customer is not interacting with your brand directly. Make sure they contain your contact and physical addresses while being visually distinctive! Business cards have different types of categories. You can choose a type here first.



A letterhead makes you more transpicuous as a starting brand. An outstanding display with your logo and a signed vestige from the CEO on good-quality stiff paper makes all the difference. It is easier to throw away a simple enveloped letter, but this will strike your customers as it is open and direct. Letterhead orderly uses an array of facts to exchange the brand tangibly. This exchange allows the value of the company to multiply. This arrangement is crucial for bonding. 

Letterheads make you look more professional with the marketing made this direct. The paper provides persistent autonomy and makes you look powerful. While the communication is made more convenient with the aid of a letterhead, the client also gets a glimpse of your lucrative branding system.  The clients see that you have confidence, which is what they desire to feel confident in you in return. So go for it and get yourself hired with our compelling and effortlessly captivating letterheads!



Envelopes may sound outdated, but their importance is still found in people’s reactions upon receiving one. We can discover envelopes online these days, and they are sent out through online emails. But receiving an actual mail may surprise the recipient and create a gravity about your content.  A perfectly trimmed and good quality envelope can make an entrepreneur succeed with ten times more distinction. The surface of the envelope may seem simple, yet it ought to retain enough style to give it a read. Add a logo and visual aesthetics and pictures of infrastructure to the envelope to help create a complete image of you and your company!

social media cover

Social Media Cover

Social media is the dominant force of both information and recreation. It makes the best way of garnering people’s attention. But manually crafting covers and aesthetics can be labyrinthine. It’s best to use templates and social media kits to make that easy for you. We design a variegated amount of social media covers to promote brands with a hundred percent notability. All consist of the perfect distinction as requested by the client. We will provide Facebook and Twitter Cover in the brand identity package.

Brand Identity Design Package Pricing

US$ 349
US$ 449
US$ 549
US$ 690
Design Initial Concepts2468
100% Money-Back GuaranteeYesYesYesYes
Copyright OwnershipYesYesYesYes
Mid Level Designers OnlyYesYesNoNo
Mid & Top Level Designers OnlyNoNoYesNo
Top Level Designers OnlyNoNoNoYes
Source FileYesYesYesYes
Image/Doc FileNoNoYesYes
PSD/Vector FileYesYesYesYes

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