Corporate Brand Guideline

Brand Guideline

Brand Guidelines are a necessary element that will predefine everything else in your company and brand. The guideline will help every executive in creating a consistent outlook and flexible set of rules. A proficient outline allows every staff member to represent the company and communicate. First of all, people must comprehend the value of the brand through the guideline. And they should also know how to make good use of it. This guideline enhances the integrity of the brand.

The guideline should also consist of the way your staff is going to interact with the customers. We should understand it straight from the ethics set. The guideline is what will aid in making your brand feel distinctive. The logo, typography, shades of colors, theme, and imageries must reflect whatever you intend to achieve with your brand. 

The visual elements will serve as symbolic reminders or motifs to what your brand represents and what it desires to attain. Detailed descriptions of how to use all types of band elements are written in the Brand Guideline so that anyone can use them per these instructions. The company’s mission, vision, and values are all included in this essential yet vital element which we call the Brand Guideline. 

Below the Content of brand guidelines.

– About brand
• Story of the brand
• Organization’s values, vision and mission
– Brand elements
• Typography
• Master Logo
• Logo variations
• Logo Sizes And Clear Space
• Logo Sizing
• Logo Misuse
• Colours
– Application/Resources
– Stock Recommendations
• Business Card Design Guidelines
• Envelope Design Guidelines
• Letterhead Design Guidelines
• Photography
• PowerPoint Template
• Email Signature
• Glossary etc.

Brand Guidelines Package Pricing

US$ 249
US$ 349
US$ 549
US$ 949
Design Initial Concepts1112
100% Money-Back GuaranteeYesYesYesYes
Copyright OwnershipYesYesYesYes
Mid Level Designers OnlyYesYesNoNo
Mid & Top Level Designers OnlyNoNoYesNo
Top Level designers OnlyNoNoNoYes
Source FileNoNoYesYes
High ResolutionNoYesYesYes
PDF & Vector FileYesYesYesYes

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